Louis Desmant French Arts & Crafts French Bayeux Tapestry Pottery Chamberstick


Please feel free to submit an offer if you feel that we are priced too high. And adding this item to your watchlist will ensure that you receive any future price updates. Condition : Excellent condition with no signs of damage. Any bright white spots that you see may be studio light glare. Age : […]

Louis Vuitton, Johnson Co. Texas, Artist Proof, 22’x 15’x Signed Fairchild Paris


Louis Vuitton, Johnson County, Texas… Hand signed Fairchild Paris. John Fairchild (Fairchild Paris), is a British born artist, publisher, and printer, who brings back some of our favorite images of the past, with subject matter ranging from couture fashion, and the iconic designers, artists, photographers, and top fashion houses of our time. Scandal, supermodels, sex, […]